Second Sunday of Lent

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The Church: We pray that in this Lenten season we may transfigured in the image of Jesus; that we may be authentic Christians truly reflecting the image and love of God. Within Holy Mother Church we pray for Archbishops Rowan and John seeking to preserve unity in the Church of England; for Jonathan our Bishop, Jonathan and the Diocesan bishops.

 The world: We pray that people may live in peace and harmony, that where people harbour hatred and malice, the evil in their lives may be overcome by God’s love.

 The parish and community: Pray for all who lonely and depend on others for in their lives, that the elderly may be respected and valued.

 Sick and suffering: Brenda Hancock, Gill Southen, Ann Wood, Derek Herdman, Betty Parker, Kath Bentley, Gladys Rudd, Martha Pickering, Ruth Strong, Doreen Parton, Gail Forrester, Ray Finlow, Nigel Clewlow, Sarah Lloyd, Irene Short, John Townsend, Nora Bennett, Millie Whitehouse, Stephen Grey, +John Gaisford, Cyril Bird, Tom Dixon, Maggie, Edward Grigg, George Hall.

 Sanctuary lamp – We pray with Ann Lewis- Cartwright as she gives thank for the life of her mother Eunice.

 We pray for the departed – Jonathan Charlesworth, Donald Semark, Anita Bryant, Tony Duggan, John Phillips, priest, William Parnell.

 Anniversary of Death:   Ron Batten, Edith Woods, Alan Rowell, Clare Pearson, Lyn Walker, Linda Taylor, Mary Ridgewell, Dennis Yale.


Day 4  The Deanery Synod and the Parish representatives members
People who live in Brook Glen Close, Brookglen Road, Bursley Close, Burton Bank Lane

Day 5  The organist and the choir.
People who live in Burton House Gardens, Burton Manor Road, Craftdown Close.

Day 6  The servers.    The Guild of the Servants of the Sanctuary
People who live in Burton Square, Chain Lane, Chestnut Drive, Church Close

Day 7  Bp Jonathan, our Episcopal Visitor.  The Society of the Holy Cross
People who live in Churchill Way,  Conniston House Corran Road,

Day 8  Jonathan, Bp of Lichfield.  Churches Together.  The Company of Mission Priests
People who live in Crinan Grove, Derwent House, Devon Way.

Day 9  Geoffrey, Bp of Stafford
People who live in Dove Close, Elsdon Road, Exeter Street,

Day 10  St. Mary’s Church – Fr. Graham Fowell
People who live in Fennel Drive, Garth Close, Glebelands, Scholars Gate