Third Sunday of Lent

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The Church: With great expectation, we entrust our needs to the Lord, praying for the Church of God: that by her words, her worship and her actions, she may be seen as the body of Christ and the temple of God’s Holy Spirit. We pray for those who cannot find God, or who feel that they are beyond God’s forgiveness: that they will be able to entrust themselves to the gentle mercy of Christ, whose heart burns with love for us all. Within Holy Mother Church we pray for Archbishops Rowan and John seeking to preserve unity in the Church of England; for Jonathan our Bishop, for  the all the Diocesan bishops.

 The world: For the rulers of nations, for religious leaders, for all those with power: that they will strive to serve the people entrusted to their care, and always seek the common good.

 The parish and community: Pray for all who harbour grudges and ill-will toward others that they come to forgive those who they believe to have offended against them.

 Sick and suffering: Brenda Hancock, Gill Southen, Ann Wood, Derek Herdman, Betty Parker, Kath Bentley, Gladys Rudd, Martha Pickering, Ruth Strong, Doreen Parton, Gail Forrester, Ray Finlow, Nigel Clewlow, Sarah Lloyd, Irene Short, John Townsend, Nora Bennett, Millie Whitehouse, Stephen Grey, +John Gaisford, Cyril Bird, Tom Dixon, Maggie, Edward Grigg, George Hall.

 Sanctuary lamp – We pray with Marian Halden as she gives thank for the life of her brother Howard.

 We pray for the departed – Donald Semark, Anita Bryant, Tony Duggan, John Phillips, priest, William Parnell, Charlie Fox.

 Anniversary of Death:   Jack  Parsonage, Joan Yates, Kenaz  Leech, Wlsie  Holland, Josephine  Bentley, Alan  Miles, Mary  Parker, Derek Cartman, Basil  Jervis, Leslie  Brown.


Day 11            St. Chad’s Church : Fr. Michael Fisher
People who live in Globe Avenue, Gravel Lane, Hambridge Close.

Day 12            St. Bertelin’s Church, Rev’d Elaine Evans
People who live in Hawksmoor Road, Hazelton Green, Heenan Grove.

Day 13            St. Paul’s Church
People who live in Hesketh Road, Hill Farm Close, Hinton Close

Day 14            Stafford Hospital Chaplaincy
People who live in Howard Road,Hunters Rise John Amery Drive

Day 15            Forward in Faith.  Staff and pupils at Stafford Sports College
People who live in Kingcup Road, Laurel Grove Leigh Close

Day 16            The Company of Mission Priests.  Residents and staff of Glebelands Court home
People who live in Lilac Grove, Long Meadow Longshore Close

Day 17            For lay  participation in the liturgy
People who live in Lyric Close, Malcolm Road, Woodberry Close